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SKLAR Heath Chalazion Forceps

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8.9cm Heath Chalazion Forceps Large 16mm Diameter

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Sklar's® Heath Chalazion Forceps are ophthalmologic thumb forceps used to evert the eyelid and expose chalazion for drainage and removal. This instrument has two circular tips. One is solid and the other is fenestrated. The chalazion on the eyelid is isolated between the two tips and the forceps are tightened by an attached screw lock, which pushes the chalazion upwards so the procedure can be completed. The size and consistency of the chalazion are primary factors when choosing which chalazion forceps to use. Larger chalazion, as well as those with hard matter, will require larger incisions. Therefore, forceps with larger tips may be more useful. Similarly, smaller chalazion, or those determined to contain only fluid, may be excised with smaller incisions and the use of forceps with a smaller diameter. The top arm of this product curves slightly upward immediately after the screw lock, then curves back downwards to the fenestrated ring. The overall length is 8.9cm and the diameter of the fenestrated tip is 16mm.


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