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SurgiOR Spencer Stitch Cutting Scissors 9cm

SurgiOR Spencer Stitch Cutting Scissors 9cm
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9cm Surgi-OR Spencer Stitch Scissors, Straight, Smooth, Blunt/Blunt
Surgi-OR™ Spencer Stitch Scissors are primarily used for suture removal. These scissors have a small hook shaped tip on one blade that slides under sutures to slightly lift them before cutting for removal. This hook also holds the suture so it does not slip off the blade of the scissors prior to cutting. They are most commonly available in lengths of 9cm and 11.5cm and therefore typically have smaller, more delicate tips that are used for removing smaller sutures. They should not be used for cutting tissue. Hand-crafted in Pakistan, Surgi-OR™ mid-grade instruments are forged from the highest quality Japanese steel and provide reliable instrumentation for the operating room and other surgical centers. Surgi-OR™ instruments are a cost-effective line of instruments that must meet Sklar's quality standards. This product is straight with smooth, blunt/blunt tips and a length of 9cm.


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