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OtoClear Ear Irrigation Aquabot Kit

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OtoClear Ear Irrigation Aquabot Kit

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OtoClear Ear Irrigation Aquabot Kit

The Bionix OtoClear Kit provides a simple, yet effective, solution to patient safety, patient discomfort, and compacted cerumen removal.

The key to this system is the OtoClear ear irrigation tips that are attached to the end of the wand. OtoClear ear irrigation tips direct water to the ear canal wall at 30 degree angles avoiding directly impacting the tympanic membrane.

  • Delivers greater volume compared to syringes or other manual devices.
  • Efficient design allows for two-handed procedure.
  • Provides continuous stream without manually pumping.
  • 650ml bottle volume

Kit Includes

  • 1 Aquabot bottle
  • 20 OtoClear tips
  • 1 Ear Basin


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