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SURTRON EVAC - LED Smoke Evacuator

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Smoke evacuation system working in sync with your LED Diathermy

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Smoke Extractor System for Diathermy, SURTRON EVAC


SURTRON EVAC is an aspiration and filtering system for the smoke produced during surgical procedures.
The smoke consists of water vapour, organic gas, visible or invisible solid particles and viral parts. So a good aspiration and filtration eliminates bad smells, reducing the bacterial and/or viral risks.
In SURTRON EVAC the activation of the aspiration can be: AUTOMATIC, through electronic activation of the high frequency electrosurgical unit; MANUAL, through a foot switch (optional)
The flux of the aspiration can be regulated.

The filters have an electronic replacement warning.

The BLUE filter is the standard filter and it is included with the unit for a first time of use.
The RED filter is an optional spare part, created for a long time of use.
Code 10200.10
Input voltage 230 Vac or 115 Vac
Mains frequency 50 Hz
Electrical input power 800 VA
Max vacuum flow rate 1000 LPM (35 CFM)
Max static suction 250 mbar (83 in H2O)
Filter type ULPA with active carbon
Filter efficiency 99,999X%
Particles diameter 0,3 micron
Size WxHxD 370x144x319 mm
Weight 4 Kg


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